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Tonzo Community Member Benefits

Tonzo enables users to have the service of directory and reviews all in one simple to use platform. You will be able to follow your favourite companies and you will contribute to your local suppliers by providing trustworthy, real experience reviews for products and services.

membership benefits membership benefits
  • Extensive Scope

    Extensive Scope

    You can share, explore, experience, and use Tonzo for all your needs. We connect you to all services and products with detailed information and reviews. Comparing suppliers have never been this easy.

  • Targeted Search

    Targeted Search

    A search that targets your requirements matter the most online in terms of time efficiency and makes your life easy, in Tonzo we have suppliers of products and services from all industries and connect them to you with all the information relevant to their service and products, with updates and proximity of distance.

  • Support for Businesses

    Support for Businesses

    As a member of Tonzo your contributions will be a great support to the community and local businesses, small businesses are the beating heart of every local community, and they will be on the spot if locals make full use of them. At Tonzo you can help the community grow, small businesses to be recognized. Most of them have local offers keep checking them at Tonzo and review their services and products, this is really important for helping local businesses.

  • Follow your Favourites

    Follow your Favourites

    We all have different interests, or our hearts are set upon various things we need, you can find all the related businesses or offers at Tonzo and follow them to not missing the next opportunity to make savings or to be informed by new products and services provided by your favourite suppliers.

  • Take Part in a Community

    Take Part in a Community

    Take a step and be a part of your community by registering to Tonzo, you can even make a small business heard all over the country for their incredible products and services, remember that every review helps and best services will be awarded by recognition in the community which will drive their sales and reputation.

  • Secure Flawless Payment Options

    Secure Flawless Payment Options

    You can have a choice of Debit & Credit Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and QR Code Payments to make payments at Tonzo, we will be taking all the precautions to make sure all your transactions are smoothly processed.

  • Paymentless Retail Experience

    Paymentless Retail Experience

    Contactless payments is a huge part of our lives now and at Tonzo we provide completely paymentless options for services booked through our platform, after booking a service you get a QR code on your phone and when the QR code is scanned by the service supplier your transaction is completed, no issues of down payments, nonservice, no availability problems. It is flexible, efficient, safe and completely paymentless.

  • No Hidden Fees

    No Hidden Fees

    There is no hidden fees for any transactions you will be processing at Tonzo. What you pay is always what you see on your cart total. No extra fees charged.